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I had the opportunity to travel to Vancouver to attend the SIGGRAPH 2014 conference. After more than 20 hours of traveling, I was shocked to find out that South Park is lying: Canadians actually don’t have those floppy heads and … Continue reading

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Prof. Kaisa Väänänen-Vainio-Mattila reaches the milestone of 50 years!

Text: Thomas Olsson, Photos: Laura Hokkanen Kaisa is a professor of user experience and usability at the Department of Pervasive Computing, and the head of Unit of Human-Centered Technology. Since early 2000s, she has been a true evangelist and fire-bearer … Continue reading

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Kuvareportaasi kooditoriosta

Kesän aikana on laitoksellamme sisustettu muutenkin, mutta erityisesti vanha Sunray-luokka TC215 on laitettu uuteen uskoon. Kooditorio (vrt. laboratorio/observatorio) on opetustila, joka on suunniteltu erityisesti ryhmätyöskentelyä varten ja jossa on muutenkin fasiliteetit kohdallaan, eli mm. kahvinkeitin ja sohva löytyvät. Kooditoriota aletaan … Continue reading

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COMPSAC 2014 Västerås, Sweden 21–25 July, 2014 I presented a paper “Liquid Software Manifesto – The Era of Multiple Device Ownership and Its Implications for Software Architecture” by Antero Taivalsaari, Tommi Mikkonen, and Kari Systä. As the title says it … Continue reading

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Summer at the Department

While the summer vacation time, especially July, tends to create a bit of a lull at workplaces in Finland, research activities at Pervasive Computing didn’t come to a complete halt even then. This summer, two research assistants Mikael Niemelä and Sampo … Continue reading

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