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Oliko sähköisen tentin tilassa ruuhkaa?

Se oli meidän vika! : ) Tietotekniikan laitoksen opintojaksoista Johdatus ohjelmointiin, Johdatus tietokantoihin, Ohjelmoinnin tekniikat sekä Tietorakenteet ja algoritmit arvioi opiskelijoiden osaamista tänä keväänä sähköisen tentin keinoin. Tämä tarkoittaa, että yli 800 opiskelijaa kävi hikoilemassa sähköisen tentin tilassa laitoksemme tenteissä … Continue reading

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New Summer Trainee at PervComp

Hi all, I am Ville Lehtola. I recently started a summer job at Pervasive Computing as a research assistant for the project on Bio-integrated Software mentioned a few posts earlier. Currently I’m developing a Spiking neural network simulator in Lua … Continue reading

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End Gala – SW Engineering Methodology Course

For the students who participated the course TIE-21106 (SW Engineering Methodology) in 2015-2016, Friday 13th May was a special day. They had the chance to show the games they had developed, as the project work, to the audience attended in … Continue reading

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Building WSNs with biological cultures: components and integration challenges

Working on a project involving software development with biological cells has been a lot of fun so far! It’s a project from the Academy of Finland named Bio-integrated Software development  for Adaptative Sensor Networks. After reviewing the literature and publishing … Continue reading

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Research Visit: University of Bristol

I had an opportunity to visit for a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) at University of Bristol during week 16 (18.04-22.04). The visit was funded by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Action IC1403 Cryptacus. The title was “Side … Continue reading

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Report: Lightweight Crypto Day 2016

At the end of March, I attended Technion’s Lightweight Crypto Day 2016 in Haifa, Israel. There’s so much technical stuff happening in Haifa — from startups to Fortune 500 presence. In my opinion, lightweight crypto is kind of a buzz … Continue reading

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