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New Kactus2 release

Kactus2 version 3.5.0 has been released. The latest version features fully updated graphical user interface which better meets the expectations for modern desktop use. We continue our line of work for enabling full design parametrization from the highest level of … Continue reading

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Latest teacher assistant edition!

Hi lovely people! I am Joy Saina, the latest edition in the department. I am working as an assistant to Aino Ahtinen on the Psychology of Pervasive Computing course, as well as Cross-Cultural Design course. I am currently a student at … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: Professor Kaisa Väänänen

    Kaisa Väänänen has been a full professor of user experience – more precisely human-computer interaction / software engineering – in Tampere University of Technology since 2005. Prior to that, Kaisa worked for about ten years in Nokia, leading … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: Professor Jarmo Harju

Jarmo Harju is a professor of telecommunications in the Laboratory of Pervasive Computing. As indicated by the area of the professorship, professor Harju was originally working in the Department of Telecommunications, and was specialized in communications software, protocols and networking … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: Assistant Professor Jani Boutellier

Efficiency to Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Applications Jani Boutellier is working as an assistant professor at the laboratory of Pervasive Computing. He joined TUT in August 2016 and has been working on his Academy of Finland post-doctoral research … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: Assistant professor Outi Sievi-Korte

Outi Sievi-Korte joined the laboratory of Pervasive computing in January 2009 (well, then it was called the Department of Software Engineering) to work with prof. Kai Koskimies in the Academy of Finland funded project “Darwin”. While the evolutionary project producing … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: Prof. Timo D. Hämäläinen

Suomeksi Professor Timo D. Hämäläinen has been the head of laboratory from the beginning of 2017. His career is summarized in linkedin, but here we highlight some additional personal points of his life. He has been very keen on technology … Continue reading

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New Blog Post Series: Person of the Day

We have a fabulous gang working at the Laboratory of Pervasive Computing and want others to know us too. This is the kick-off of a new blog post series entitled “Person of the Day”, where we have collected some interesting … Continue reading

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Robot Ladies in Tekniikan päivät with Nao

Tekniikan päivät 2017 in Tampere-talo attracted a huge amount of visitors and it was especially nice to see how many kids were there enjoying the miracles of technology – drinkrobot, insectfood, measurement devices, Lumate workshops.. and our tiny, cute and … Continue reading

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Identiteetin- ja pääsynhallinnan (IAM) kurssin uudistetut harjoitukset – a huge success!

Syksyn ensimmäisellä periodilla pidettiin IAM-kurssia, joka käsittelee hyvin syvällisesti identiteetin- ja pääsynhallinnan aluetta. Luentojen lisäksi oppimista tukevoittaman kurssille oli tehty kolme kappaletta harjoitustöitä, joista muodostui lopussa yksi suurempi kokonaisuus. Töiden tavoitteena oli oppia seuraavat teemat: Miten keskitetyt käyttäjähallintajärjestelmät toimivat PKI: … Continue reading

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