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Person of the Day: Assistant Professor Jarno Vanne

I’m 41 years old Assistant Professor in the Laboratory of Pervasive Computing at TUT. I’m the founder and leader of Ultra Video Group that is nowadays the largest academic video coding group in Finland. We develop tailored video coding solutions … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: Lecturer Tero “Tensu” Ahtee

I studied at TTOL (now TAMK) three years to become an engineer (BSc), and after that three and a half years at UTA to become a master (MSc). After that, by a coincidence in August 1990, I found myself working … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: Docent Pekka Jääskeläinen

Pekka is currently spending the last weeks of his research visit in Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany, funded by his Academy of Finland’s (AoF) postdoctoral grant. In  TUT’s Pervasive Computing lab, he is responsible for conducting research related to his AoF … Continue reading

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New PYNQ boards arrived

We just got a batch of 300 Xilinx PYNQ-Z1 development boards. This is a follow up of a pilot we started last fall in Introduction to programming that accommodates hundreds of students per year. With PYNQ we offer an easy … Continue reading

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New Researcher Arrived in TE213

Hi everyone. My name is Philipp Müller and I started working as a post-doc in Jussi Collin’s group on Monday. My main task will be to work in the CityTrack project, and combining localisation techniques with artificial intelligence. In my … Continue reading

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Kesä- ja dippatyöpaikkoja tulevaisuuden videoteknologian parissa

Tietotekniikan laboratorion Ultra Video Group -tutkimusryhmämme hakee useita kesä- ja diplomityöntekijöitä täysi- tai osa-aikaiseen tutkimustyöhön. Aihealueina mm. Kvazaar-videokooderimme algoritmikehitys ja -optimointi Reaaliaikaisen 3D/360-videostriimausvuon kehittäminen High-Level Synthesis: C-koodista rautaa FPGA-pohjainen videokoodekkikehitys 2020-luvun videonpakkausmenetelmien analysointi ja kehitys Multimediaprotokollakehitys videoneuvotteluun Neuroverkkopohjainen videonpakkaus Videosovelluskehitys … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: University Lecturer Jukka Koskinen

Jukka (A.) Koskinen celebrated his 20th TUT anniversary in August 2017. He graduated as a mathematician from the University of Turku, and became seasoned into information technology at Lappeenranta University of Technology for 12 years, before moving to TUT. From … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: Adjunct Professor Jussi Collin

Jussi Collin is a senior research fellow with inertial sensors applications as a research topic. He has been inventing and implementing algorithms for all kinds of gadgets and moving machines, where ever accelerometers and gyroscopes can provide useful information on … Continue reading

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Päivän henkilö: Yliopisto-opettaja Matti Haavisto

Matti on omistautunut digitaalitekniikan perusopetukseen, tietokonetekniikan kandivaiheen aineopintoihin ja opettajamentorointiin. Ensimmäinen kurssitoteutus oli Mikroprosessorit vuonna 2003. Siitä ura urkeni Digitaalitekniikan perusteisiin ja edelleen digitaali- ja tietokonetekniikan muihin opintoihin. Vuonna 2013 tiedekunnan opetus laitettiin kunnolla uusiksi ja suuri muutos oli myös … Continue reading

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