Vanishing Point: Marko Leppänen’s doctoral defence 27.2.

On Friday 27.2. Marko Leppänen defended his work titled “Vanishing Point: Where Infrastructures, Architectures, and Processes of Software Engineering Meet”. For the last time at Pervasive Computing, professor Tommi Mikkonen acted as custos. Marko’s opponent was professor Heikki Saikkonen from Aalto University.

Marko’s work was on continuous delivery of software products. In his work Marko investigated  the relationship between the tool infrastructure needed, the development processes and the architecture of the software product. The thesis focused on the context of increasing the speed of delivery  combined with the idea of continuous feedback. The work also regarded the ramifications of rapid software delivery.

The defence was a master class on doctoral defences. The questions placed by the opponent were tough but fair and Marko answered very professionally and smoothly. The discussion, albeit short, was a true discussion among two software engineering researchers. The audience, and the custos even, enjoyed it wholeheartedly.  Congratulations Marko!

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