Doctoral defence: the stand up edition

Timo’s lectio praecursoria

MSc Timo Lehtonen defended his doctoral thesis Metrics and Visualizations for Managing Value Creation in Continuous Software Engineering on Friday. Professor Hannu-Matti Järvinen acted as custos and the opponent professor Pekka Abrahamsson came from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim.

In his thesis, Timo developed novel metrics and visualisations on top of the data produced by the software development tools. The developed artifacts aim to help to understand and manage value creation in software teams. The metrics and visualisations developed make lean continuous improvement of the development process possible. In addition, the development organization can get new information on the process which is not otherwise easily available.

The defence itself provided an entertaining couple of hours with discussion that made the audience, which was quite significant for a defence, laugh while staying on point at the same time. Timo answered prof Abrahamsson’s questions well and defended his work thoroughly. We also got to see some visualisations.

First Timo took to the board and drew some visualisations…

…and then the opponent followed with his own take on visualisation.

All in all, we had a blast. Prof Abrahamsson will be back in May to act as an opponent once more. Make sure you don’t miss it. Congratulations Timo!

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