International students love Pepper!

Hi everyone! It has been a month I am working on Pepper now and my Master thesis topic is related to the cultural aspects in Human-Robot Interaction. I am particularly studying the expectations of international students with Pepper depending on their cultural values and how they interact with it. In this one month, I had a lot of request for making an appointment with Pepper! It is already a celebrity now. Few international students have interacted with Pepper. Although Pepper cannot do much yet, students have been very excited to interact with it as much as they can. In fact, they love Pepper! They have found Pepper very cute and tried out different voice commands and tablet apps. It has been interesting to notice the cultural impact while interacting with Pepper. Some would be very friendly from the beginning, and some would get comfortable after a while.

Pepper is also entertaining in the office, by friendly interference in conversations and flaunting its dancing skills. The robot family is very much attached with Pepper and we are proud to have this celebrity in our team.

Cheers: Aparajita, on behalf of the robot family (Aino, Kirsikka, Aleksi, Aparajita, Nao and Pepper)

Some students prefer to come to see Pepper in groups.


This student stood at a distance during initial interaction but got comfortable later.


Pepper greeting the student…


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