Training School @ Azores

Hello terve moi everybody!

This year, we (the “Pervs” as we call ourselves) went to Azores for a training school. The Training School on Cryptanalysis of Ubiquitous Computing Systems took place in São Miguel, Azores. The training focus was on theoretical and practical cryptographic mechanisms designed to ensure the security and privacy of ubiquitous computing systems such as embedded devices.

What we though was a great week to get a nice tan and learn the latest trends on Cryptanalysis and Side-Channel Analysis (SCA) turned way too cold, specially when we found out Tampere was warmer that Azores during the whole week. 🙁

In addition to great talks from experts in the field, — which included Joan Daemen (AES), Daniel Gruss (Meltdown and Spectre attacks) and Herbert Bos (Rowhammer attacks) — the training school included sessions to pitch our scientific research and presents posters about our topics.

Research @TUT

The poster session allowed us to showcase our latest research and a safe and friendly environment where experts provided feedback on our research.

We had two workshop sessions during the last two days of training. One of them was “How to have a Meltdown” by Daniel Gruss and the other one was “Defeating SCA countermeasures on a real device” by RISCURE, NL team. Both of them, demonstrating that SCA and related attacks are very practical and represent a real threat to our systems.

Finally, as part of the social activities, we had the opportunity to visit geysers, springs, a protected park and tea plantations with *the only* tea factory working in Europe.


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