Plussa 2018 – making learning better

Plussa is working on the development of modern online tools for learning support. The main goal of the work is to develop new functionality to the Plussa learning environment both to the benefit of the students and the teaching staff.

Front-page of Plussa

The new tools contain a modern continuous development pipeline specifically targeted at learning, better support for giving feedback to students during the course, a peer-review tool and an entire online course on the use of version control.

As one part of the work a collaboration with Tampere High School of Technology will start in November. During the winter months, high school students take our Programming I course and get the possibility to take the exam and gain TUT credits as part of their high school studies.

The team was lead by Essi Isohanni until August 2018. Currently the team consists of Pietari Heino, Jukka-Pekka Venttola, Aku Niskanen, Eliisa Väkevä, Samuli Kohomäki, Jyke Savia and Terhi Kilamo. In addition to Plussa, the team has implemented services that plug into Plussa and help with course work.

One major achievement from the group has been the full implementation of a modern software development stack that integrates fully into the programming courses and gives the students the opportunity to learn software development with real tools in a realistic setting.


The Plussa project has been working hard for the entire year and the work will be continued in the Ministry of Education funded Smart Learning environments project coordinated by Aalto University from autumn 2018 onwards.

  • Terhi Kilamo
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