CityIoT – vendor-independent IoT applications for Smart Cities and beyond [2017-2020]

The problem

IoT systems offered by different vendors are often “silos”, where each vendor creates and controls their own separate system. These systems include physical components, such as sensors, as well as the data models and data analysis. Although this end-to-end control simplifies things, there are also serious drawbacks. Vendor lock-in means that new application innovations are hindered, and new data sources are difficult to add, when data models used by different vendors are not compatible.

CityIoT project

In CityIoT project our focus is in Smart Cities, cities where data is used to enhance the quality of life. In the IoT space cities face challenges that include:

  • how to develop applications that utilize data from several systems  operated by different organizations within cities
  • how to share the developed applications between cities
  • and especially, how to enable sustainable business ecosystem for companies that innovate in the area IoT

Our project strives to create a platform which helps communities in creating better services for people living in cities, all the while saving tax-payer money, and creating new business opportunities.

CityIoT project logo

CityIoT project logo

In practice, we in TUT work on open application interfaces, unified data models and reference implementations. The first candidate approach we are currently evaluating is the FIWARE-technology (see

Who we are – the consortium and the people

The project is executed in a consortium that includes, in addition to Pervasive Computing of TUT:

  • City of Tampere
  • City of Oulu
  • University of Oulu (coordinator)
  • University of Applied Sciences of Oulu.

In TUT the following people are working in this project:

Contact information

For more information, contact or We are happy to provide additional information!


The project is funded by:


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