Procem – prosumer-consumer markets with advanced ICT-solutions

Procem project is a cross-disciplinary project executed by four different laboratories (Electrical Energy Engineering, Automation and Hydraulic Engineering, Industrial and Information Management, Pervasive Computing) of TUT.  The planning of the project started by a question what will be the  “uber of electricity”. The drivers of the project are

  • increased concern of sustainability and climate change
  • energy production and storage in small units close to customers (e.g. solar panels, batteries and electric cars)
  • changes in markets and pricing schemes of electricity
  • availability of new technologies like IoT, data analysis and blockchains.

One major effort we have involved is creation of the a pilot and demonstrator that collects huge amount of data from Campus Arena for dash boards and applications. An example dashboard is shown below:

Concretely, our laboratory has been involved in definition and piloting of the data platform Procem

  • collecting data from existing sensors – with lot of challenges in adapting to various protocols,
  • filtering and buffering data before sending it to an existing IoT platform IoTTicket
  • distributed architecture between centralised IoT platform and edge
  • experiments with data analysis (random forest) techniques to find new phenomena from the data
  • experiments to use blockchains (Ethereum smart contracts) with the data
  • conversion of the data to standard data format (FIWARE)

Contributors from Pervasive Computing:

  • Ville Heikkilä
  • Otto Hylli
  • Nyyti Kinnunen
  • Teemu Laukkarinen
  • Kari Systä

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