COMPACT 2017-2020

COMPACT (Cost-Efficient Smart System Software Synthesis) is an ITEA3 project with 15 partners from Finland, Germany and Austria. The project aims at automated SW stack generation for embedded and IoT devices, especially firmware including operating system, protocol stacks, device drivers and as a whole everything between the applications and bare metal. The project creates a tool flow that starts from high-level platform and SW modeling, goes through optimizations at source code and compilation level and ends up with an image to be flashed.

Picture: Esko Pekkarinen from our lab and the consortium leader Wolfgand Ecker from Infineon introducing the project at EUREKA Innovation Days 2018 in Helsinki.

Our focus is on creating IP-XACT models on RISC-V for platform generation, and optimization of deep learning algorithms and image processing algorithms for resource constrained platforms. We also develop Kactus2 tool and use Halide to model the algorithms. Our test platforms include embedded GPU and SoC-FPGA devices.

The core team members of the project are Timo D. Hämäläinen, Jani Boutellier and Esko Pekkarinen.

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