Attending NordiCHI workshop for Designing for Experiences with Socially Interactive Robots

Written by Aparajita Chowhury

Hello everyone,

Recently I have attended a workshop at Nordichi conference, which was organized by two researchers of TUT (Aino Ahtinen and Kirsikka Kaipainen) along with two other researchers in the field of social robotics. Since my position paper was accepted in the workshop, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Norway and attend this renowned conference. The conference was held in the University of Oslo and Kirsikka Kaipainen accompanied me.

How beautiful is University of Oslo in autumn

The workshop kicked off by Dr. Mohammad Obaid (University of New South Wales, Australia) with the most debatable question “What is a robot?” and “When should we design a robot?” We should also consider the purpose for building a robot and if the users actually needs a robot in certain case. Furthermore, we discussed about the value of having a robot so that it is just not a tablet with a face! Moving on, Dr. Ioana Ocnarescu (Strate School of Design, France) discussed about rituals and how designers utilize that in their designs to evoke an emotional experience. She gave an example of how making tea is a ritual in Japanese culture and how they enjoy the process.

Some organizers attended the workshop remotely

The participants also presented their position paper, and very interesting concepts we unfold. One participant discussed about how movement in robots influence user experience. Another participant proposed an augmented reality based car robot that projects children’s preferred image.

Later on, we moved on to the experience design phase, which was led by Kirsikka Kaipainen. We were divided into two teams and we were given PLEX cards to influence our design ideas. Our team chose to enhance user experience of industrial robots. From the PLEX cards, we finalized three experiences to work with; Relaxation, Submission and Captivation. Thus we came up with a concept of bunny industrial robot.

Overall it was a nice experience for me, since I have attended such workshops for the first time. I hope, in future, I get the opportunity to represent Tampere University of Technology in more conferences and workshops.

A glimpse of our industrial bunny robot

Aparajita Chowdhury

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