Andrea Janes Colloquium on “Non-distracting, Continuous Collection of Software Development Process Data.”

Assistant Professor Andrea Janes, Free University of Bolzano-Bolzen

At the Laboratory of Pervasive Computing, we were honored to receive another international speaker in our colloquium series this year. Andrea Janes assistant professor presented his ongoing research at the Free university of Bolzano-Bozen (Italy).  Specifically, his research interests include continuous monitoring of software usage.

Andrea is not new for our lab, he was our visiting researcher three years ago and he previously worked with Valentina Lenarduzzi and Davide Taibi in Italy.

On September 18th, Andrea Janes presented his last research activities focusing on “Non-distracting, Continuous Collection of Software Development Process Data”. This talk presented various approaches to extract data from software processes, analyze it, and use it to use it. These approaches included:

  • using automatic, non-distracting measurement to understand how software is created and how it is used;
  • analyze it using process mining;
  • visualize the obtained data using dashboards and integrating it within the IDE;

The outlook included possibilities to use the collected data not only to inform developers about the way how software was created or how users used the software but to identify:

  • unused software components
  • overused software components
  • generate test cases
  • prioritize test cases

During these days, we worked together with him to identify future collaborations where each of the software engineering members were involved in sharing project idea and possible research goals.

Text by Valentina Lenarduzzi

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