Person of the Day: Research Assistant Aleksi Hiltunen

Introducing the robot whisperer Aleksi Hiltunen ūüôā

Though I have been working here in TUT for almost a year already, I have never blog-introduced myself. Here it goes:

I am working in Human-Centered Robotics, the IHTE project, and more precisely, one of my responsibilities is to whisper to the humanoid social robots, mainly Nao and Pepper, to perform different tricks and tasks. I am working on my thesis that is creating easier ways to operate and script applications with these robots. Target is to lower the bar of coding skill to make the robot do stuff.

I have been studying in TUT since 2012, which is also the time I moved to Tampere from Oulu. I am mastering in Computer Engineering and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Tampere has really grown into me, and I enjoy my life here. Things I list as my hobbies are RaspBerry projects (of which 95% are ongoing), PC gaming, squash and hiking.


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