Enterprise Architect

Our course Database Design (TIE-22201 2018 Tietokantojen suunnittelu) introduces a method to design relational databases with UML. A properly designed conceptual model of the problem domain is very helpful when creating a relational database.

For a few years, we have been lacking a decent UML tool. We have experimented with free tools and noticed that they do not properly support some UML structures needed by us well. Such structures include association class and n-ary association. In addition, we have encountered usability and stability issues with those free tools.

Luckily, our laboratory got an academic license for Enterprise Architect this fall. For more information about Enterprise Architect, visit https://www.sparxsystems.com/.

Now we are happy to use Enterprise Architect. It is relatively easy and visually appealing to create conceptual database models with it. See the following example:


(I have to admit I cheated with Class7. It seems creating an association class for n-ary association is not possible, so I used dependency instead. However, it is correct visually!)

text by Antti Luoto

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