Instructions for bloggers

For those who want to contribute, here’s a short summary on how to go about a blog post:

A good blog entry is about something topical that might interest the people at the department. Additionally it might also be of interest to people outside the department such as students, companies etc. Suitable topics are, but not limited to, for example new people at the department, events, seminars, conference trips and journal publications, new projects, industry visits and visiting lecturers. Include at least one or two photos to the text, and if possible use also links. Note that your post does not need to be long. The title for a blog post can be catchy.

The publication of the blog entries is scheduled in WordPress so that there are no more than one post per day. All posts are published through scheduling in order to keep a sensible flow of activity on the blog.

For a new employee introduction post you should include at least the following:

  1. What are you working on? Is your work related to a thesis?
  2. Is your work done to a project? You can also tell about the project in general.
  3. Is there other types of collaboration related to your work? Could there be co-operation related to your work inside the department?
  4. Tell an interesting or funny fact about yourself, for instance, what have you done earlier, how you ended up working in the department, what are your hobbies, etc.
  5. A photo of yourself.

An entry about a publication should contain:

  1. where the paper was published. Your colleagues might be interested in knowing a bit about the forum
  2. a short summary on your research. This can include your conference slides if you want. Try to write so that even non-expert readers get the main point.
  3. posts about conference paper can also include a few words about the trip and the conference location. A photo from the trip can be included.
  4. you can further add:
    • how is the paper related to what you do at the department
    • are you still working on this topic
    • tell about the co-operation or project related to this topic
    • possible future work ideas and can someone join the team
    • if possible, link to your paper.


When organizing an event:

  1. tweet about it before the event. Make sure to mention @pervasiveTUT in your tweet.
  2. during the event, snap a bunch of pictures.
  3. after the event, blog about it. Especially in event entries lots of photos should be used.


However, the content of the blog entries should not limit to these topics. Let’s keep the blog lively and versatile. Remember that you are writing to your colleagues, students and people from industry, so try to write with all these people in mind!

To get the text published either:

  • Email the journalists ( and let them post your content. Attach your text and the photo(s) you want included and information on the preferred publishing schedule, OR
  • Get your very own account to the Pervasive blog by contacting the journalists (

The journalists are happy to help and answer questions.

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