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New trainee in our Laboratory

Some information about our new member this Spring: { “name”: “Alexis”, “age”: 20, “origin”: “France”, “description”: “Hello everyone, i’m here for an intership for 2 months.”, “intern”: { “studies”: “Electrical Engineering & Information Technology”, “researchs”: “Spiking Neural Networks”, “first-day”: “10/04/17”, … Continue reading

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EMBC conference 2016

In my last post, I promised that you’ll hear more from our project as ideas are set and now need to get implemented. So here we are, Emre and I went to present some of the results to the 38th … Continue reading

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New researcher and MEA conference

Moro! I am the new guy in the department (not that new actually, started early this year but did not meet you guys so much since I am working in TAYS campus). I am working in Bio-integrated SW project, thus … Continue reading

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New Summer Trainee at PervComp

Hi all, I am Ville Lehtola. I recently started a summer job at Pervasive Computing as a research assistant for the project on Bio-integrated Software mentioned a few posts earlier. Currently I’m developing a Spiking neural network simulator in Lua … Continue reading

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Building WSNs with biological cultures: components and integration challenges

Working on a project involving software development with biological cells has been a lot of fun so far! It’s a project from the Academy of Finland named Bio-integrated Software development  for Adaptative Sensor Networks. After reviewing the literature and publishing … Continue reading

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EMBC’15 in Milano, Italy

The world was upside-down when I arrived to Milan. I had left the 25°C sunny weather of Hämeenmaa for 18°C and rainy Italy. I was in thermal shock! Second shock was when I realised that most Italians don’t want to … Continue reading

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Abstracting Application Development for Resource Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks

M.Sc. Teemu Laukkarinen defended his Doctoral Thesis last Friday on the devlopment of abstraction layers for resource constrained WSNs. Here’s a cut abstract of his thesis abstract: “The development of WSN application software requires the abstraction of computing, communication, data … Continue reading

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PhD marathon 2015

PhD marathon millesime 2015 was once more a great occasion for all of us to see how well doctoral topics at the Department cover the whole scope of Pervasive Computing. From hardware, also called here “Rrrrauta!” to Cloud computing, from … Continue reading

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