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3DFysio-projekti: Fysioterapian opettajan ajatuksia kuntoutusteknologian hyödyntämisestä fysioterapeuttikoulutuksessa

Teknologian hyödyntäminen fysioterapiassa ja koulutuksessa Kuntoutusteknologia kehittyy ja sen hyödyntäminen fysioterapiassa yleistyy ja monipuolistuu jatkuvasti. Teknologiaosaaminen on yksi fysioterapian ydinosaamisen osa-alueista, joten sen osa-alueen opetus on tärkeää huomioida fysioterapeuttikoulutuksessa. Teknologiaosaaminen on huomioituna useiden Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun (TAMK) fysioterapian koulutusohjelman opintojaksojen osaamistavoitteissa. … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: University Teacher Sakari Lahti

Hailing from Kokkola, my story at TUT begins back in 1997 when I came here to study physics. I graduated in 2002 but soon understood that I would never be the next Einstein. Therefore, in 2008 I decided to switch … Continue reading

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Visit to European Robotics Forum (13-15.3. in Tampere-talo)

European Robotics Forum visit provided a very pleasing overview to all kinds of robotic related topics and most importantly, it was a good opportunity to experience a great variety of different robots in action. There were small and large robots, … Continue reading

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International students love Pepper!

Hi everyone! It has been a month I am working on Pepper now and my Master thesis topic is related to the cultural aspects in Human-Robot Interaction. I am particularly studying the expectations of international students with Pepper depending on … Continue reading

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TTA-based Co-design Environment (TCE) v1.17 released

In addition to pocl, the other open source project Customized Parallel Computing (CPC) research group has been leading the development of for quite some time is TTA-based Co-design Environment (TCE). TCE is an open source toolkit for design and programming of energy … Continue reading

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Portable Computing Language (pocl) 1.1 released!

The Customized Parallel Computing (CPC) research group leads the development of an open source OpenCL implementation called Portable Computing Language (pocl). Today we are happy to announce its 1.1 release! This is mainly a bugfix and stabilization release, but includes also new features … Continue reading

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Guest lectures in the computer graphics seminar

The computer graphics seminar had two guest lecturers this week. In the first half of the lecture Antti Heinonen from Vertex Systems Oy gave a talk about 3D model simplifications and the glTF format. Simplification of a 3D model is … Continue reading

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Two tenure track positions (SW, Cyber Security)

Two assistant/associate professor positions are open on SW engineering in the laboratory of Pervasive Computing at Tampere University of Technology (TUT). The laboratory has over 130 staff members and wide spectrum of research areas: user experience and gamification, SW development … Continue reading

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Guest lecture on real-time linux

Jouko Haapaluoma and Sami Pietikäinen from Wapice gave a guest lecture on real-time linux and driver development in TIE-50506 System Design on Mar 5 2018. The lecture covered the basics of building the kernel and kernel modules (drivers), and the … Continue reading

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Person of the Day: Assistant Professor Billy Brumley

My employees were nice enough to come up with three questions, allowing me to share some of my insight into security and cryptography. At least, I hope I have some insight 😉 I give some bio stuff at the end … Continue reading

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