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design weekend

A group of 24 students were lucky to witness the birth of the concept of “Design Weekend”, a new way to learn User Experience Design work in collaboration with experts in the industry. Futurice experts and TUT’s teachers (Thomas Olsson & Heli Väätäjä) ran the student groups through an intensive process of problem definition & brainstorming & concepting & sketching & evaluation & presentations, by using the Lean Service Creation methodology developed at Futurice – all this in just 16 hours!

The groups were working on a real case from the charity organization Pelastakaa Lapset ry (Save the Children Finland), and thus were extremely motivated about the real-life case. Actually, as a teacher I have never seen students as focused (and making notes by hand!) as they were during the problem introduction from Pelastakaa Lapset.


In addition to their methodology, Futurice kindly provided their office space and experts for the two days + sponsored food & drinks & a sauna party in the end of the weekend. This made the learning experience not only very collaborative and iterative but also something that took place out of the traditional classroom context.

So what was learned? Well, that can be read from the students’ awesome learning diaries. But to summarize, they contained mysterious sentences like:

Love the problem, not the solution.

Always ask why.

Get out of the building.

and… too much candies makes your tummy hurt.

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Teksti ja kuvat: Thomas Olsson

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