Heavy metal innovation

The first Fimecc innovation camp was organized this week at TUT. The boot camp was held two weeks ago and this week will culminate to an end gala on Thursday. The innovation camp brings together  the students and business cases from real companies. The students are expected to come up with new innovative business ideas for the companies, based on the information they got from the company.

Mikko Väätäinen from Solita presenting their company case

Mikko Väätäinen from Solita presenting their company case

Several companies, both from manufacturing and software services, were involved as sponsors for the event. These companies include Cargotec, Fastems, Framery, Konecranes, Leanware, Sandvik, Solita, Tana, TTS Liftec and Wapice. Every company has a stand in the lowest floor of the new Campus Arena, so you can check them out there.

In T3 spirit, there was students from both TUT and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) working together as teams. The students get academic credits whilst having an  opportunity to get familiar with the companies and their representatives. This is a great way to pave a path towards a career in these companies.

The student teams working on a same company also have coaches, who help them in the innovation process and facilitate their working. Each case has two coaches, one from each participating university.  I (Yours truly) am representing the Pervasive computing department along with Hannu-Matti Järvinen.

Creating new business ideas

Creating new business ideas

The company cases are from Fastems, Konecranes, Sandvik, Solita, Tana, and TTS Liftec. For example, Konecranes is hoping to utilize IoT (Internet of Things) in creating an ecosystem of intelligent machines on the sites where their cranes have been installed. The companies will also select a winner team based on their innovativeness and presentation skills. The winning team will be announced and awarded on Thursday evening.

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