Liikuttava kampus -Towards physically active workhabits

The Pop Up –project ( ) explores, designs and measures new work habits and spaces to increase sedentary workers’ productivity and well-being. It concentrates on the development of the everyday work in our own campus as well as in a couple of other sites including an architectural office. Pop Up –project is a 2-year Tekes-project, which started in the beginning of this year.

liikuttavat_tyotavatWe, Aino (Ahtinen) and Eeva (Andrejeff) are working on exploring, designing, implementing, evaluating and piloting physically active work habits for our campus – to be used by every one of us in our daily work. Increasing even a bit more activity to every workday is the point by which we may prevent illnesses and unwellness. Everyone has heard about walking meetings. Have you tried those? Do you do those regularly? That is only one of the concepts we have been thinking of, and there is much more than that coming! As we are part of pervasive computing lab, we are concentrating on technology-mediated work habits.


Aino and Eeva (and the project logo)

For the implementation of a set of concepts to support active work habits we have harnessed ActionTrack platform from Team Action Zone ( ), a Tampere-based company. With ActionTrack we can quickly create fashionable concepts and applications and test them out in an iterative manner, without any programming skills! ActionTrack enables building map-based activities with checkpoints, and the checkpoints can include all kind of multimedia content or almost whatever, and with the system we can provide guidance, rewarding, stories, tasks, exercises and so much more, and we can also collect data about the activities.

The first phase, explorative study of the expectation and needs of the potential users towards the physically active work habits has now been completed, and we have just started iterative concepting phase. Stay tuned! In the beginning of next year there will be a set of applications to be used and piloted in the campus area.

Now let’s move on to Eeva’s introduction J

Hi everyone! I am Eeva Andrejeff I am working as a research assistant in the Pop Up -project you can read more about above. Basically I’m here to help Aino Ahtinen with the research studies, designing and evaluating the walking meeting concepts and implementing them with ActionTrack platform.

Overall my history in the university world is not that long since I only started my Master’s Degree studies in TUT a year ago. Before finding my way here I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Lahti University of Applied Sciences and the following years I spent doing graphical design, web design and I also got a chance to take a peek into the Finnish game industry. But I felt there was a piece missing from my knowledge – and then I met some people who told me about user experience and their studies here. So I got excited; I applied, got a letter that I had to read at least twice and now I’m here having a great experience with all of you.

So greetings to all of you who I have or haven’t met yet! I may ask you for a walk with or without our walking meeting application.

Post by: Aino Ahtinen and Eeva Andrejeff

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