Month of Pervasive Ladies

During the past month or so the department saw a nice line of doctoral defences from three great ladies.

Aino Ahtinen started our moth of women power on October 2nd defending her thesis “Mobile Applications to Support Physical Exercise – Motivational Factors and Design Strategies”. Professor Turkka Keinonen from Aalto University acted as the opponent and Professor Kaisa Väänänen was the Custos. In her multidisiplinary work Aino (MA Psych prior to her PhD) investigated what motivates office workers to use mobile applications and thus to be more active.  She finds that Finnish users hope the application to adapt as they improve, to offer new challenges and playfulness, and to support collaboration and competition among users.

Next, it was Helena Leppäkoski’s turn. Her thesis entitled “Novel Methods for Personal Indoor Positioning” was publicly examined on October 27th with  professor Gwo Giun Lee from the National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan and DSc(Tech) Mohammad Zahidul H Bhutan from Finnish Geospatial Research Institute as the opponents. Professor Jarmo Takala was the Custos. The thesis proposed novel radio map configuration methods for WLAN fingerprinting based on received signal strength measurements. Methods for indoor positioning can be helpful for example when navigating in a unfamiliar building or for ambulance personnel to be able to locate the person in need within a large building.

Last but not least it was Kati Kuusinen’s turn to defend her work “Integrating UX Work in Agile Enterprise Software Development” on November 6th. Professor Jan Gulliksen from KTH, Sweden acted as Kati’s opponent with professor Kaisa Väänänen once more as the Custos.

In her thesis, Kati developed a method for software development, BoB (Best of Both Worlds, Yes! It is also a Star Trek TNG episode!), that integrates UX work  into agile enterprise software development via UX tasks and a shared ownership of the cross-functional team with both developers and UX specialists included.

Well done ladies! The department congratulates you!

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