Koli Calling’15 – International Conference on Computing Education Research

Koli Calling, one of the premier conferences in computing education research, celebrated 15th anniversary this year. Conference proceedings, including an analysis of one of the most often referred CS1 programming assignments co-authored by Essi and I, a longitudinal study on gamification in teaching programming co-authored by Essi and Tommi, and a poster describing more than twenty years of experiences running software project courses by Tero and Mikko are accessible through the ACM library. Before the main conference held at Koli, there was also a doctoral consortium co-organized by Essi from our department.

Koli has always been a single track conference held in a remote location where participants can escape nowhere even after the official program of a day is over. This creates a unique, intimate and open atmosphere. It’s easy to make new friends and discuss on new research ideas with them. This is something I have always enjoyed at Koli.

With regard to what I found interesting and how I felt the conference this year, the following timeline of my tweets might tell the story (you need to scroll inside the iframe):


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