Water simulation thesis behind flooding your virtual city

While water is often seen in computer games it is often sparsely interacted with. On Friday Timo Kellomäki defended his theses Large-Scale Water Simulation in Games that tackles the immense computational cost of simulating water behaviour from a games perspective.

Timo giving his lectio, opponents prof. Turunen and assistant prof. Hämäläinen listening

Timo giving his lectio, opponents prof. Turned (Tampere University) and assistant prof. Hämäläinen (Aalto University) listening

In his thesis Kellomäki developed new approaches to make water masses to interact believably with different kinds of changing and moving objects of different shapes. In games, his water simulation model helps to dam a river or change its course. Timo’s work has already influences the hit game Cities: Skylines by Colossal Order, where Timo is currently working at.

To get an idea of Timo’s work, watch one of his videos:

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