Software Startups – What does the Science Say?

Tampere 5-6.4.

We trained pitching, practiced video making and got lessons on how to apply grounded theory in start-up research. This means that content was versatile, but audience also had a varying background. The majority was PhD students but several people had background in start-ups. Also some senior people had a curiosity to participate. The also ensured that the seminar was interactive, the participants were active, and the seminar left a positive feeling to everybody.

Creating script for the video


We had two speakers, professor Pekka Abrahamsson from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and associate professor Xiaofeng Wang from University of Bozen-Bolzano. Both of them have taught subjects of software startups and conducted research on related topics. They are also active founders Software Startup Research Network ( Interested people should join the network.


On Tuesday 5.4 we started with general concepts and model of start-ups and then walked through some example research publications. This helped the audience to learn what kind of results already exists but also what kind of methods the researchers have used.

On Wednesday 6.4 we for example learned about principles of Lean Startup and research approached for the future.

The seminar was a part of the Inforte ( programme and organized by Department of Pervasive Computing in TUT.

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