Physical activity brings happiness in our department

In our Tekes-funded Pop Up –project, which focus on new work habits and spaces for knowledge work, we have now two concrete outcomes when it comes to physically active ways of work. Both of them belong to the Brainwolk product family (tuoteperhe), as we call them. Brainwolk walking meeting is our main outcome. We have redesigned the traditional walking meeting in a way that Brainwolk is not a formal meeting but more like an ideating, thinking and discussing session which takes place by walking, preferably outdoors.

Brainwolk suits best for the creative part of your work, when you need to design and plan something, or if you are stuck with your thoughts and don’t find a solution. You can do it alone or together with someone. You need to set 1-3 work-related goals to your Brainwolk and keep them in mind as you walk, so that you maintain your focus on work. Many people are suspicious towards the walking meeting (how to make notes, how do you keep concentration when you are not in official settings), but let’s think other way around. Brainwolk gives you freedom when you are stressed out with all multitasking and disruptions. Just take your thought, question or problem with you, and leave other things behind for a while, and take a walk outdoors. The positive effects of nature, fresh air and moving you get as a side effect, for free. Who would like to sit for a whole day if there is a possibility to do some part of your day in an active mode? Sitting is not the best position to do creative work, and everybody knows what sitting does to health and well-being. We have made a starting point for you Brainwolks to the second floor of our department (the door on the side of the restaurant). You can find all instructions and suggested routes there. Have a try and let us know how did you like it!

We are now piloting in campus our Brainwolk app that has been implemented on ActionTrack platform. Brainwolk app adds a little bit more motivation to conducting walking meetings. It utilizes discreet guidance, playfulness and competition as motivational factors. After our pilot, we will tell more about the results.

And what is the other solution that we provide for you for your well-being? It is of course the weekly, super easy exercise sessions in TC203. Every Wednesday at 14:00 you are warmly welcome to spend about 10 minutes in an active mode. We show simple exercise videos, targeted especially for those who do sedentary work. We have done this for several weeks and every week there are plenty of participants and it seems that people already look forward to this session! We have noticed that the atmosphere becomes more and more relaxed every week and people have started to enjoy moving together. So, try this out too! Activity and togetherness brings happiness and enjoyment for us all.

We wish you sunny spring time and hope that you will try Brainwolk walking meetings and exercise sessions!

Best regards, Aino and Eeva, the Brainwolk missionaries from TUT

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