New Summer Trainee at PervComp

Hi all,

yhteisI am Ville Lehtola. I recently started a summer job at Pervasive Computing as a research assistant for the project on Bio-integrated Software mentioned a few posts earlier. Currently I’m developing a Spiking neural network simulator in Lua using the Torch framework. I’m an nth year student, but with luck (or work?) I might be able to graduate in a year.

I play a lot of video games, mostly indie games, though I’ve also clocked over a thousand hours in DotA. I also play Go although less so recently. I also like Haskell (and functional programming in general) for its mathematical nature and expressive power.

I wish a nice summer to everyone at the department!
– Ville Lehtola

P.S. the linked code is just a roundabout way of saying
let fibs = scanl (+) 0 (1:fibs) in take 15 fibs

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