End Gala – SW Engineering Methodology Course

For the students who participated the course TIE-21106 (SW Engineering Methodology) in 2015-2016, Friday 13th May was a special day. They had the chance to show the games they had developed, as the project work, to the audience attended in lecture hall SE203 at TUT. The game was the combination of two old games named BomberMan and BoulderDash: BomberDash!!! In groups of four, students were supposed to implement the given list of features using Agile and Scrum practices within four sprints (iterations). Most of the games were developed in Processing programming language, as recommended by course staff.


lecture hall SE203 hosts the audience who want to see the marvelous games

One by one, groups take turns to present their games.


one group presenting their game

At the end, the audience vote for the best game. Group 5 was the winner. What was the price?! It is obvious! What is the toy for software engineers? yeah … Raspberry Pi.


voting board shows that group 5 is the winner!

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