Pouya Eghbali – New UX Trainee



My name is Pouya and I am the newest trainee addition to the UX department in TUT. I will be working over the course of the next three months in TUT and my aim is to help use the knowledge I gained as a User Experience Master student to enhance the Student Experience of future UX Master students in TUT and UTA. After summer however, I can get back to my world dominaton plans.

If you havn’t noticed by now, I have a good sense of humore and I beleive laughter is the best cure.

I love UX, food, photography, cars, f1, console gaming, and most definitely football. But not all at the same time of course :).

I am eager to level up my Finnish language from basic to moderate during the summer.

If you have similar interests and want to chat about either of them with me feel free to drop by to TF207. My door is always open for business. Unless it says Shop Closed on the door!

I hope to get to learn more about everyone else through this blog as well.


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