New researcher and MEA conference


I am the new guy in the department (not that new actually, started early this year but did not meet you guys so much since I am working in TAYS campus).
I am working in Bio-integrated SW project, thus if you see me in Titetotalo, most probably I am hanging around Francois’s office.

I am originally biological signal processing guy who mostly experienced on signal processing and analyzing of microelectrode array signals acquired from neuronal cultures (biological neuronal networks).

Here are some photos from the last conference meeting: MEA meeting 2016, Reutlingen, Germany. We went there together with Francois, 3 weeks ago.

BioMediTech crew at MEA Meeting 2016 – TUT was well represented

I am the one in the center (You can see a big group of green shirt workers in the background). No, they are not working for me; or do they? they just don’t know about it 🙂 Ok, in real, we decided to go there as whole BioMediTech in same color t-shirts. This photo taken more than 5 times where we missed some people in each picture out.

Hope to meet you guys in coming opportunities! Have a sunny summer for what there is left at least!

-Emre Kapucu

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