The newest *PhD* acquisition to the team

Moi kaikille!

I am César, THE newest (maybe?) PhD student starting at Pervasive Computing, I am working on side-channel analysis and cryptography under Prof. Billy. My objective is to break things and then fix them – hopefully, security related.

I finished my Master’s degree last month at Aalto University, I had a lot of fun doing research so here I am.

Doing research.

Doing research.

I enjoy sauna, food, hiking and dancing – mostly latin/african music but you might find me at zumba, west-coast swing, forro, etc.

Puhun suomea huonosti but I appreciate if you say simple phrases in Finnish to me 🙂

I sit in TH209 so if you are interested to know more about the topic, collaborate, have a chat, get lunch, go to the sauna, gym, dancing or hiking don’t hesitate to come in.



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