Greetings from Salamanca, Spain

This fall I had the privilege to give a keynote at El Congreso Español de Informática (CEDI) or Spanish Conference of Computer Science, a collection of national Spanish conferences where  some 500 Spanish-speaking computer and software educators from different universities meet annually.

As you can expect, my topic was my pet research on Liquid Software, or how software should be built for numerous computers that we today use, instead of a single computer defining our whole digital identity.


The actual talk combined elements (as well as slides) from numerous articles I, Kari Systä, and Antero Taivalsaari have been working on over the few last years, building on the assumption that  even today we have more computers we really want to manage, and that in the future the computers will be even less like pets that have names and identity, but more like cattle that are anonymous, only separable from each other by id numbers.


The culmination point in the presentation was in the Liquid Manifesto  that lays a foundation for a true liquid computing environment.


As a place for academic tourism, I have rarely visited a place nicer than Salamanca (although in Summer it is probably too hot for my taste). While I was considering where should I confess my many sins in the hotel – an old monastery, each room being a monk’s chamber – outside waited an old city originating from Roman times, a cathedral from medieval times (and apparently with a famous frog — if you find it, it brings you good luck), and more places with excellent Spanish wines and tapas than one can possibly visit in a trip shorter than several weeks. What more can one wish for from a conference location?


Text: prof. Tommi Mikkonen

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