From Montréal to TC133

Busy weeks for Jussi Parvainen. Last week was spent in Montréal to present a paper Robust Misalignment Handling in Pedestrian Dead Reckoning by Jayaprasad Bojja, Jussi Parviainen, Jussi Collin, Riku Hellevaara, Jani Käppi, Kimmo Alanen and Jarmo Takala at 2016 IEEE 84th Vehicular Technology Conference. The paper received good feedback and the location was great:

But then it was time to fly back to Tampere, Tietotalo TC133, and defend his doctoral thesis “Studies on Sensor Aided Positioning and Context Awareness“. Dr. Valerie Renaudin (GEOLOC Laboratory, IFSTTAR, France) and Dr. Martin Werner (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Germany) acted as the opponents. The questions were good, sometimes tough, but responses were prompt and the discussion was fruitful. The bidirectional link between positioning and context awareness was covered thoroughly and many new ideas for research topics were generated in the process.

Figure 2. Lectio: where we are located in Milky Way?

Figure 3. Dr. Werner shows the larger context in his presentation.

Figure 4. All done; Dr. Renaudin, to be Dr. Parviainen and Dr. Werner.

Next stop for Jussi is The 2016 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics SMC 2016 in Budapest. There he will introduce our inertial-sensor based dice that digitizes the result of throwing dice immediately to any smartphone, our small contribution to digitalization. More on that later.

Text by: Jussi Collin

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