Do you know what are Fatfonts? Or steamgraphs?

Neither did I, but then I went to VIS.

IEEE VIS2016 conference was held in October 23-28 at Baltimore, Maryland (USA). With five parallel tracks of visualization and data-analytics related topics, there was much to choose from and lots of running in between rooms.

I participated in BELIV workshop (Beyond Time And Errors: Novel Evaluation Methods For Visualization) to present a paper “Information visualization heuristics in practical expert evaluation”, written by Heli Väätäjä and myself from TUT, Tomi Heimonen from University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Katariina Tiitinen, Jaakko Hakulinen and Markku Turunen from UTA, and Harri Nieminen from Fastems. In the paper we presented an evaluation study of 10 heuristics intended for evaluation of information visualization services.

Baltimore's most famous dead poet.

Baltimore’s most famous dead poet.

During the conference I especially enjoyed a tutorial in Visualization Analysis and Design by Tamara Munzner. Slides are available here:

Checking the neighborhood...

Checking the neighborhood…

Another great presentation was by the closing speaker Jean-luc Doumont from Principiae, who presented his three laws of communication, including nice tips regarding paper writing and conference presentations. Some of Jean-luc’s materials are available here:

Local playfield.

Local playfield.

Oh, the fat fonts? If you didn’t google it yet, here’s the link:

About steamgraphs you can read for example from Tamara Munzner’s slides.

Reporting from the land of hope and glory. And burgers,

Jari Varsaluoma, IHTE/TUT

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