Profes’16: a Norwegian Take on Product Focused Software Process Improvement

At the end of November, our researchers focusing on modern software systems development and engineering headed to lovely Trondheim to attend the 17th international conference on product-focused software process improvement, or PROFES. While our flight there did not go according to plan when a delayed flight rerouted our entire five researcher delegation from TUT out of Stockholm first to Oslo and then, finally, to Trondheim, the conference was amazing!

Nidaros Cathedral by early morning pictured by one early bird member of Pervasive running team

Nidaros Cathedral by early morning pictured by one early bird member of Pervasive running team. Yes! it was THAT dark a seven AM.

We had researchers contributing to four papers (our contributors are emboldened)…

  • Eight Paths of Innovations in a Lean Startup Manner: A Case Study by Mikko Raatikainen, Marko Komssi, Harri Kiljander, Laura Hokkanen, Jukka Märijärvi and Omar Mohout.
  • Log File Analyzing in
Intelligent Transportation Systems Development by Esa Heikkinen and Timo D. Hämäläinen.
  • The Developers Dilemma: Perfect Product Development or Fast Business Validation? by Henri Terho, Sampo Suonsyrjä and Kari Systä.
  • Supporting management of hybrid OSS communities – A stake-holder analysis approach by Hanna Mäenpää, Tero Kojo, Terhi Kilamo, Myriam Munezero, Mikko Nurminen, Tomi Männistö and Fabian Fagerholm

…and a poster

  • Internationally Distributed Software Development: On the Impact of Distance Based on a Case Study by Harri Sten, Hannu Jaakkola and Kari Systä.

So all in all a very solid performance! Especially prof. Tommi Mikkonen saved the day when one researcher fell ill right before the conference. He delivered a perfect talk from his student’s paper.

The conference also provided good opportunities to network with other researchers for example by a Pokemon printing 3D-printer or a magician with a few cards (and a scary Houdini trick) up his sleave.

You can see many great photos of the conference here. Try to spot a familiar face!

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