Project Work in Pervasive Computing – Suggest a Topic!

The department of Pervasive Computing arranges the project work course to teach students what it is like to put their skills to use in practice. Topics for the projects come from local companies, and the companies act as customers. The students, in groups of 5 or 6, are responsible for managing the whole project from gathering requirements to delivering a finished product. Recently, the course has been renewed to better follow agile methodologies and to put more emphasis on the actual implementation and less on documents.

Last year for the first time we also ran a parallel, global version of the project course. Together with the Gjøvik University College in Norway we were able to create teams with people in different sites, thus simulating what global software development is like today.

Now it is time to let us know if you have a suitable project topic for us! If you have a project that could be executed by a group of 5-6 students in 5 months (approx. 1000 working hours), contact us. Last year we received close to 30 project proposals, out of which 12 were realized.
This is an excellent way for companies to connect with our students. We welcome proposals from all areas of pervasive computing – the focus can be on software, hardware or usability.

More information, with what kind of information we would like to know about your proposal and how to contact us, can be found here. If you would like to get a more international project team, more information on the global option can be found here.


Lessons one project group learned


How time was spent on another project

Text by Outi Sievi-Korte
Photos by Tero Ahtee

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