Exit words from Matti Vuori

Hi, “pervasivians” and others,

This department is like any other in the sense that people enter and leave often without any notice. At least many new workers are announced via this blog — which is an improvement over how things were when I arrived. But of those who leave, we rarely hear a thing. Today is the last day of my contract, so here are a couple of last words from me. This is not a proper post mortem, only only some notes that could be of “human interest”.

I joined you 5,5 years ago, for three reasons. First, that was the darkest time ever in the ICT job market in Tampere and I had been laid out from one company, which left little interest in the then very depressed, apathetic private sector. I knew docent Mika Katara, who invited me to TUT to work on a project about development of safety-critical systems for a couple of months. After that the job continued as a teaching associate, with the main focus of working in research projects and in teaching software testing, with a requirement of doing a dissertation on the side. The third reason for joining the department was that I was interested to see what the department does and how they do it. I was particularly interested in joining a workplace with professor Ilkka Haikala, whom I had learned to know a little before, but unknown to me, he had passed recently. That is one lesson to every expert organisation: is is good to have interesting gurus that tempt outsiders, especially at times when there are no fantastic domains of activity.

Now the contract, with a small extension, is done, just as is the dissertation about testing competences that respond to the changes in our environment (the defense following later) – well, actually it is just as much about product development competences, which start in the development of great concepts. Also the local private sector seems very much alive – both in business sense and psychologically it is active and energetic. So it is a good time to leave.

The good things here were the opportunity to use my knowledge in teaching and in research, the new learnings from TUT and Inforte seminars about topics varying from patenting via startups to cognitive computing, and the involvement in developing the university collaboration with Demola in the InnoPilotti project, as well as many other things. The whole world is now hyped about robots and in one project  we reseacher using them for testing.

Oh, one thing to mention is that when I arrived at TUT, Tensu soon asked me to enter, after him, as TUT’s representative the board of Pitky, which I’m currently chairing. It has been nice – and has given the opportunity to arrange the TUT/Pitky collaborative Testauspäivä a couple of times. Now TUT should get a slot in the board as I’m not representing you. TUT understands the importance of local collaboration with industry better than any other university and Pitky has always been an important operative and symbolic channel for that (societies and individuals live off symbols and meanings). “Act local” is the final and brightest measure of science and maintaining good practices is the measure of civilisation.

Ok, so that’s that. Now I’ll need to find work in somewhere else.

Thanks and goodbye to all,

Matti Vuori

Twitter: @Matti_Vuori
050 3605429

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