The Move

For the past 4 months visitors of TIE lab have seen chairs piled high on the sides of corridors, random cabinets everywhere, tables here and there and seemingly random piles of books, old theses and even empty tequila bottles on trolleys. All of this has been the result of nearly every single member of TIE lab staff moving office, as corridors G and H needed to be emptied, and people residing there had to be fit into premises in E and F corridors. While we were at it, it was decided that scattered research groups could now be moved together as well, and thus apart from a few individuals, indeed every member of TIE lab staff ended up clearing their old office and carrying their stuff to new digs.

People are grouped now mostly according to research area, as shown in the floor charts below. 1st floor’s F corridor is for software engineering and E corridor for UX people and SE teaching and testing. Computer engineering staff is found on the 2nd floor F and E corridors, along with the security group.


During the move loads of (even decades) old exam papers, article drafts and other miscellaneous items buried at the back of closets were sent to bins, but much was also gained. One concrete result of now only having one common coffee room for the staff (instead of two) has been the appearance of an espresso machine at the coffee room near E corridor, courtesy of the computer engineering Coffee Crew. We expect a dramatic increase in team spirit just because of this!

Some smaller items were also discovered during office cleanups, such as unidentified laptops, long lost favorite mugs and even a bullet (sadly, not a silver one) at the back of a shelf, left by some previous occupant.

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