Greetings from India or how research can take you to far away places


The 36th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) was organized May 31 -June 7 in Hyderabad, India. The Department of Pervasive computing participated ICSE this year with two papers in the pre-conference workshops, and one paper in the main conference’s Software Engineering Education Track (SEET). In the 3rd International Workshop on Green and Sustainable Software GREENS Professor Mikkonen presented a paper written in collaboration with Danfoss’ Krzysztof Sierszecki, Michaela Steffens, Thomas Fogdal and Juha Savolainen entitled “Towards Green Power Electronics: Software Controllers and Domain Knowledge”. The second workshop “Inclusive Web Programming – Programming on the Web with Open Data for Societal Applications”, included the work of researchers Bahtijar Vogel, Arianit Kurti and Marcelo Milrad from Linnaeus University, Sweden and prof. Mikkonen “From architectural requirements towards an open architecture for web and mobile societal applications”.

ICSE'14 was held in the Hyderabad International Convention Centre

ICSE’14 was held in the Hyderabad International Convention Centre

The plenary room of ICSE'14 where the SEET track took place

The plenary room of ICSE’14 where the SEET track took place

Our paper in the SEET track — Knowledge Transfer in Collaborative Teams: Experiences from a Two-Week Code Camp by researchers and researcher alumni of the department Terhi Kilamo, Antti Nieminen, Janne Lautamäki, Timo Aho, Johannes Koskinen, Jarmo Palviainen, and Tommi Mikkonen talked about collaboration in software engineering education. It presented experiences gained from using a collaborative IDE MIDEaaS to develop web applications during two weeks of coding in small student teams. The teams were taking part to a summer code camp where the main focus is to just code, have fun and learn while coding. The results show that the students shared knowledge and thus learned from each other through collaboration. The idea of MIDEaaS is that you get an IDE in your web browser, no installations needed. In addition, several people can collaborate on the same project in real-time, even work on the same code file simultaneously. What the code camp showed was that the best results come from project level collaboration with clear division of work. In addition, file level collaboration should be done to communicate between collaborators when necessary but not to focus collaboration to single files.

Conference lunch

Conference lunch

ICSE is a one of the largest conferences in the field of software engineering. As such it is organized at venues all over the world. This time around, the conference took place in Hyderabad, a city of 8 million people and the capital of Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. From June 2nd 2014 Hyderabad is also the capital of Telangana as a new state was formed basically before our very eyes. The city used to be a centre of the diamond and pearls trade. Nowadays however the city is a global centre for the information technology industry sector earning it a nickname Cyberabad. Therefore the Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy (HITEC) City provided a hot (also literally with temperatures reaching 40 and over during the day) spot to organize an annual meet up for software engineering researchers and practitioners. Research really can take you all around the world.

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