Software Developer Summer Jobs in CPC&VGA

Customized Parallel Computing (CPC) and Virtual reality and Graphics Architectures (VGA) research groups of Laboratory of Pervasive Computing are looking for enthusiastic software developers. In CPC, you would work as a part of a team developing open source tools Portable Computing Language (also known as pocl, and TTA-Based Co-design Environment (TCE, In VGA ( you would participate developing state of the art graphics rendering software for the next generation of the virtual reality devices. The actual work description can be tailored based on your previous knowledge and current interests.

We look primarily for candidates interested in a summer job, which might be possible to extend to a thesis project depending on the project situation and the applicant’s performance. A perfect candidate should have some previous experience (from course work, hobbies or previous jobs) in the following topics:

CPC group: VGA group:
  • C99 and C++11
  • Software development in Linux environment
  • Contributing to open source projects
  • Real-time graphics (GPU) programming
  • Low level programming (C++11)
  • Basic 3D modeling and shading concepts
Knowledge in one or more of the following topics is considered a plus:
  • Compiler internals, especially the LLVM
  • OpenCL/CUDA/OpenGL/DirectX
  • Ray tracing

Please send your application/inquiries by April 17th, 2017 via the TUT recruitment system.  Please include your CV, your study record, and a cover letter describing your current situation including a list of courses you plan to take in the semester, if you are a student. Be sure to describe your previous experience, if any, especially in the above topics. For questions, email the group leader Dr. Pekka Jääskeläinen (

Link to more info and application form can be found at:

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