New seats for the elite winter ASIC course

We sold out the course in hours and decided to offer 20 seats more. We will organize a new execrise group for TUT doctoral students working at TUT who can run the tools on their computer. Other students can work in the PC class.

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2 Responses to New seats for the elite winter ASIC course

  1. Mikko Kivioja says:

    “students can work in the PC class”

    Is this course teaching ASIC design on Microsoft Windows?

    If yes, then there is disconnection to real world, unless those ASICs are demo designs.

    Survival skills with command line in addition to knowhow about many scripting languages is a real world necessity in this area. And no, i am not willing to start a OS war, normally windoze is just used to start VNCviewer or something similar in case personal linux box is not available.

    The linux/UNIX knowhow in addition to scripting should be prerequisite for this course.

  2. Eliza Tyas says:

    It’s great story, thankyou for sharing!

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