Walking Weekly Exercises (Psychology of Pervasive Computing course)

Everybody still remembers the Brainwolk walking meeting concept, right? Now it is a perfect time to do walking meetings as we have this activity campaign ongoing in the department. Students like that, too! During this week we have had walking weekly exercises in the course “Psychology of Pervasive Computing”.

Psychology of Pervasive Computing students having a Brainwolk walking meeting outdoors – at least 2000 steps collected and many good ideas generated!

The topic of the weekly exercise was brainstorming and ideation, and we wanted the students to get experience in some of the creativity techniques. Basically Brainwolk was one of the techniques. The Brainwolk guide and teacher (Aino) had prepared some pre-defined topics to be discussed along the way. Around 10 students per class walked pairwise as a line, and followed the Brainwolk guide. We had three stops, and on each stop a new topic was given and the previous one was wrapped up. On today’s walk we even familiarized ourselves with the brand new outdoor gym that has been lately constructed on the front yard. What an excellent place to have an active outdoor meeting!

Students enjoying the new outdoor gym in between the walk.

Some feedback from students:
“Brainwolk provides an unique way to discuss the things.” (male, 20 years, from India)
“Positive feelings, energy, feeling the cold was refreshing. Felt like a social event to connect people/ideas.” (female, 21 years, from Germany)
“It provided an easier way to have a discussion with someone you didn’t know beforehand.” (male, 22 years, from Belgium)
“Brainwolk walking method support our discussion become more interactive. I think this will give more efficiency to the work.” (female, 24 years, from Bangladesh)



So, pretty much recommended to try this out with students!

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