Introducing our new research assistant

Name: Nhan Nguyen

Nationality: Vietnam

Age: 20

On-going degree: Bachelor in Science and Engineering, I am one of the very first students in this international Degree Programme, so proud that I made it to work here soon too 🙂 .

Back to business:

I am working in the project called “Living Lab Bus”, under supervision of Jussi Collin and being a coworker with my “roommate” Arto Perttulla. In this project, I will use mostly data from sensors of normal Android phones to predict  whether the users are using his phone inside a bus or not. Later, I will further working on predicting passengers’ behavior toward the bus, that’s why they call it “Living” Lab Bus. Normal bus in this case is a laboratory, let’s have some research on it.

I am also interested in Mathematics, especially now it is Logic Mathematics or Discrete Mathematics in general, if someone wants to have discussion, feel free to drop me a message at

Now, time for sport:

Honestly, I really like sport, really really fancy sport. I can play badminton, football, a bit of basketball. I’m waiting to have friendly match someday with other colleagues in the Department. So, feel free to knock on TE216’s door to have discussion or simply “Wave” (I will answer if I am there, for sure 🙂 )

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