New post-doc at IHTE

Hiya! My name’s Kirsikka Kaipainen and I’m still pretty new to the Lab, having started as a post-doc in IHTE in mid-August. Time so far has flown like an arrow (or a duck?) with various interesting project proposals to prepare, classes to teach and people to meet. My single biggest responsibility during the upcoming winter is teaching the “User Experience: Design and Evaluation” course, which I expect to be an enjoyable and educational experience also for the teacher. Moreover, I’m very likely to be involved in the emerging UX & robotics research area and planning to do small experiments with social robots already this fall. Hence, you can expect to see and read about robots (and people) doing weird stuff at the premises later this year.

My background is a mixture of computer science, user experience, psychology and health sciences. I did my Master’s at UTA, worked at VTT for six years researching personal health technologies, and got my PhD in 2014 from TUT (signal processing, although the thesis was all about mobile/web app development for well-being). The past three years I’ve focused on running a business, Headsted Ltd, offering affordable and accessible online therapeutic programs for challenges in mental health, but the growing yearning back to the research world led me to this part-time position at TUT. Feels pretty much ideal right now, and I’ve also still managed to find time for recovery-promoting free-time stuff such as amateur theatre, role-playing games, books, and forest walks!

Kirsikka (TE106)

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  1. Eliza Tyas says:

    It’s great you! very motivated

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  3. wah i look forward for you next articles

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