Ni hao, greetings from Hong kong!

I’m a research fellow at Department of Pervasive Computing, currently on leave and cu_hkworking as a visiting assistant professor at City University of Hong Kong. I came here on January 2014. The main reason I came here is to develop and teach a course on Cloud Computing systems. The course will run on Fall 2014. On spring, I already taught a data structure course and got some experience on local habits and contact with the local students. I’ll spend my summer on developing lecture material and laboratory assignments utilizing public clouds like Google App Engine. Hopefully, I’ll also have time to do some research related to cloud computing and big data applications.

As seen on the picture below, HK is a city of extremes. It is also easy to get around HK by public transportation, which is ranked as the best in the world. I still have many places to visit and I only have six months…


Hong Kong Wetland Park

I know you all are eager to know if you can ride bicycle in HK. Well, they have some pretty nice hills here for climbing. I just bought a used road bike, so you know where to find me. I already said my colleagues, that if you can’t find me in my office, I have escaped to the mountains. So have my summer plans clear now!

Hiking on Lantau Island

Hiking on Lantau Island

I’m also a supervisor of five local OIS students who will spend their summer in Finland at TUT and Aalto. During the first meeting, they were so worried if you even have any heating there and it’s so cold inside their apartment.. Soon I’ll have to come to Finland again and check how they are doing : )

Visiting researcher from Hong Kong. Pictured by Marko L. on June @TUT.

Visiting researcher from Hong Kong. Pictured by Marko L. on June @TUT.

This has been a good experience for me. And I also recommend for those who have possibility to do academic visit abroad. Thus, I’d like to cite what Tensu said to me “Go and make the world a little bit better”! 🙂

Zai zien, Anna

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  1. Eliza Tyas says:

    It’s great article!

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    wow, great! it useful for us.

  3. hong kong is crowd country, small but very cheerfull, can i share it?

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