Person of the Day: Assistant professor Outi Sievi-Korte

Outi Sievi-Korte joined the laboratory of Pervasive computing in January 2009 (well, then it was called the Department of Software Engineering) to work with prof. Kai Koskimies in the Academy of Finland funded project “Darwin”. While the evolutionary project producing her Ph.D. thesis only lasted 3 years, the evolution of Outi from a Research Assistant/Doctoral student into self-funded postdoc and Assistant professor has lasted for quite a bit longer and is still continuing.

Outi came to TUT from University of Tampere, where her focus was on algorithmics. As Kai’s project used evolutionary algorithms to tackle software engineering problems, it was a brilliant match. With Kaitsu she learned about and got interested in software architectures, which have been involved in her reseach and teaching in some way since then.

Outi is currently working as an Academy of Finland funded Postdoctoral researcher on a project concentrating on Global Software Development – what kind of issues arise when development work is spread out over different continents and timezone, with people from different cultures and with different working habits. Her focus is particularly on the software architecture side and the vision is to use intelligent algorithms to optimize work allocation in these distributed projects, basing the allocation on architecture and real time data from project management tools. Her Assistant professorship is there on the side, meaning she gets to supervise M.Sc. (tech) theses and be involved in cool administrative stuff.

Outi is largely interested in search-based software engineering, software architectures, and software projects. More interests, among her list of publications and teaching history can be found on her very retro website .

When off work, Outi’s days usually fly by entertaining and being entertained by her 2-year-old son. Before this little bundle of endless energy came into her life, she used to go to singing lessons, do regular Nordic walking and go to the gym. Maybe someday there will be time for those hobbies again, she says, and continues, that nowadays the energy and time left at the end of a day suffice to having a glass of wine with a Netflix movie.

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