Person of the Day: Professor Jarmo Harju

Jarmo Harju is a professor of telecommunications in the Laboratory of Pervasive Computing. As indicated by the area of the professorship, professor Harju was originally working in the Department of Telecommunications, and was specialized in communications software, protocols and networking techniques. In late 90’s a research group called Networks and Protocols Group (NPG) was established, and in the 2000s it has consisted of 10 – 20 researchers. Security issues were included from the start. From 2008, the focus of the group was gradually moving towards network and information security. Eventually, in the grand organisational restructuring of TUT in 2013, the group, now called NISEC, was moved to the Department of Pervasive Computing.

Currently, professor Harju’s role at the Laboratory of Pervasive Computing is to lead the NISEC group and take care of research, teaching and administrative duties typically belonging to a job of a professor.  As the retirement age is approaching, some responsibilities have been delegated to younger members of the group.

Some more information on Prof. Harju’s activities can be found on his website.


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