Greetings from VikingPLoP 2014

sagadimoisThis year’s VikingPLoP – Nordic pattern conference – was organized in Sagadi Manor, Vihula Estonia from 10th to 13th of April. This was the third year in row when Department of Pervasive Computing of Tampere University of Technology arranged the conference. However, this year
VikingPLoP was organized as a joint effort of department of Automation Science and Engineering and Department of Pervasive computing.  Program Committee had seven members – one from Austria, one from Bulgaria and representatives from TUT and VTT.

As Nordic pattern community is rather small, the conference is small, too. This year, th conference had eight participants from five countries. *PLoP conferences differ radically in basic idea from traditional conferences. No Powerpoints are allowed and all participants are expected to read and comment on papers of other participants of the same workshop group in advance. The core of the conference are writer’s workshops where the workshop group discusses and gives feedback on each paper for one hour and 20 minutes. Basing on the this feedback the author is expected to create revised version of the paper for the proceedings. So, the proceedings will be published only after the conference. This year’s proceedings of VikingPLoP will be published in ACM international conference proceedings series.

Writer's workshop group in action.

Writer’s workshop group in action.

Here is a list of papers discussed in VikingPLoP 2014:

  • Preschern, C. from Uni. Graz/Austria presented good practices for reviewing scientific papers.
  • Menghin, M. from Uni. Graz had patterns about saving energy in the context of embedded systems, such as NFC communication.
  • Rüping, A., an independent consultant from Hamburg, Germany, presented patterns for solving common biases and misunderstandings in using numbers in SW engineering decision making.
  • Gourova, E. assoc. prof. from the Sofia Uni, Bulgaria had a collection of patterns related to the knowledge management systems.
  • Encina-Calquin, O. from the Federico Santa María Technical University, Chile, had a paper about setting up secure federated intercloud systems.
  • Rauhamäki, J. from ASE/TUT provided safety systems related patterns in the context of process automation.
  • Eloranta, V-P. from Pervasive/TUT had a paper containing two patterns for software startup organization structure.
  • Leppänen, M. from Pervasive/TUT also had a paper having two patterns for software starups focusing on product development product.

If you are interested in any of these topics, the final proceedings will be published in September. Before that, the organizers (Veli-Pekka.Eloranta (at) and Marko.Leppanen (at) gladly will give you contact information to the author and the conference version of the paper. By the way, Vikings are moving even further south and next year VikingPLoP will be arranged in Bulgaria!

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