Robot Ladies in Tekniikan päivät with Nao

Tekniikan päivät 2017 in Tampere-talo attracted a huge amount of visitors and it was especially nice to see how many kids were there enjoying the miracles of technology – drinkrobot, insectfood, measurement devices, Lumate workshops.. and our tiny, cute and sweet Nao robot. Nao is still a baby (and there is still many things to learn) but it gave an impressive Taiji performance for the audience. It didn’t get bored or tired even after doing it for tens of times. And it was a good exercise day for the Nao’s hosts as well 😀

Some unofficial observations about how the visitors reacted to Nao:

  • People instinctively kneeled down and started to talk with it with a very soft tone – children, women and even men did this
  • They commented that especially the eyes were very human and soulful, and also the mouth
  • Some children came back over and over again and never got bored to talking with Nao and exercising with it
  • Many use cases were suggested by the audience, e.g. preventing loneliness, teaching programming to kids and persuading people to exercise – but there were also some fears in the air, e.g. if the robots will replace the caregivers and nurses

We are looking forward to start all the planned activities with Nao and Pepper!

Cheers, Aino & Kirsikka – “The Robot Ladies”

Exercising with Nao

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